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Keep SA Real Music Feature: Femina-X

Get to know new and established San Antonio artists in our Keep SA Real Music Feature. This week we’re talking to Daniela Riojas, lead vocalist for local band Femina-X. Read their story and check out the schedule for their next live performance.


How would you describe Femina-X’s genre?

We’ve realized that Femina-X doesn’t really fall under any specific genre. Each song we play creates a surreal journey through a conglomerate world where genres blur and stack upon themselves. The same way you would try and recall a dream, you somehow keep misplacing exact time or place, but you know in your heart that you were somewhere very distinct, strong, and memorable – only placeable by sheer intuition. Usually a source of deja vu later in waking life. But, to list specifics, there are elements of jungle, trip-hop, industrial, punk, house, drum and bass, folk ballad, blues, and R&B in our music.