Essential Fiesta Survival Tips

Where else, other than San Antonio, can you enjoy a week and a half of non-stop partying? We’re all about what makes this city we call home unique and Fiesta is a prime example of that.

Every year people travel from all over the nation to San Antonio to join this elaborate celebration. What began as a small parade to honor the Alamo in 1891 has grown into a 10-day festival of good music, even better food, extravagant parades, and confetti… lots of confetti. Yes, 10 days of partying can seem a bit overwhelming but do not fret; we have provided you with 10 tips to survive Fiesta 2015.

  1. Pre-Game

    Before you head to your favorite Fiesta activity, know where you’re going, how much money you plan on spending, do you need a raincoat (hey, it’s spring in Texas), where you should park, and the best transportation there. If you’re going to drink, take a cab, bus or make sure one of your friends of family members is the designated driver.

  2. Purchase Tickets Early

    Most Fiesta events have two lines at the entrance, one for pre-sale tickets and another for those who need purchase tickets. Skip the hassle and have your tickets ready to go at the door.

  3. Designate a Meeting Point

    Large crowds plus large amounts of alcohol equals missing friends. Designate a meeting spot near the entrance, restrooms, or somewhere everyone knows how to find on their own.

  4. Don’t Buy Too Many Tickets at Events

    Tickets for events like NIOSA are only good on the day you purchased them. Many San Antonians are guilty of leaving NIOSA with $15+ worth of tickets they will never be able to use. So, buy what you know you are going to use.

  5. Be Nice!

    One negative of this large party we call Fiesta would have to be the large crowds. Turn that into a positive by making conversation with strangers while trying to get through the crowds. Regardless, always say excuse me! Fiesta-goers hate when you don’t say excuse me.

  6. Divide & Conquer

    The lines at Fiesta events are inevitable, so take turns! Send one friend to get turkey legs, one friend to get the beer, and another to get funnel cakes. Don’t make one person do all the waiting.

  7. Dress Practical

    Fiesta in April means muggy, sunny and maybe even rainy. Therefore, the first rule of dressing for Fiesta is to wear clothing that’s cool, comfortable, and cute. Fiesta is a party, not a fashion show. Chances are, your shoes and clothes are going to get a little dirty, so you may want to rethink wearing your most expensive look. Ladies wear something with pockets, don’t take a purse.

  8. Have Patience

    The lines are long, the temperate is warm and the crowds are large. These lovely facts are all part of the Fiesta experience. With excellent patience comes excellent fun. 

  9. Know When Enough is Enough

    It’s super easy to go overboard during Fiesta. Too much food or drink or money spent will almost always result in something negative. Give yourself a limit and stick to it.

  10. Get out there and Fiesta!

    Last, but certainly not least, Fiesta! Whether it is your tenth or first time around, make Fiesta memorable for all of the right reasons. Eat, drink, dance, and crack some cascarones! There are over 100 Fiesta events, attend your favorites and even try some new ones. Whatever you do this fiesta, stay safe, have fun, and #keepSAreal.