5 Sweet Places to Cool-Off

August in San Antonio is an inferno of sweltering hundred-degree temperatures. Sweet, cold, treats cool down your insides and make your tongue happy. Whether you’re looking for a date spot or a place to take your family, try one of our favorite small businesses to cool off in San Antonio.

SA Pops


Chef Andrew Gutierrez whips up paletas and ice cream with unique flavors like prickly pear lemonade, pistachio chocolate, and corn. Must try in the Trinity/Incarnate Word area.

That Building with the Green Roof

How many of the buildings in the San Antonio skyline can you name? To be more specific, what exactly is that tall, tan building with the green roof and huge antenna on the top?

Tower-Life Building
Figure 1. Tower-Life Building. Tabitha Ford. San Antonio, Texas. 2014.

The Smith-Young Tower was once considered an extreme high-rise. Thirty-two stories towered over San Antonio and made it the tallest building in the west through the 1950’s. The adornment of gargoyles and intricate carvings make it hard to pass by this building without stopping to take a look. At the top of the Smith-Young Tower sits a now-closed observation deck once widely visited for its views of the city. San Antonio’s first Sears and Roebuck sat on the bottom floor, which explains why the base is so much wider than the rest of the tower. The Smith-Young Tower, although beautiful, has an unsettling past.

An 1880 City On The Rise, 2014 Style: Transportation and Economic Possibility in San Antonio

Road closures, especially ones on major highways, are an inconvenient pain in the ass. Closing North and Southbound 281 seems like a punishment from the city, but will “granddaddy” closures like this contribute to a prosperous and historic economic boom for San Antonio?

Work continues on all levels of traffic lanes around the construction area of 281 and 1604. Photo By Tom Reel/San Antonio Express-News
Work continues on all levels of traffic lanes around the construction area of 281 and 1604. Photo By Tom Reel/San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio, as usual, is historically behind on major improvements. Our city was, “Perhaps the last large city in America to receive railroad service,” according to Galusha Aaron Grow, president of the International-Great Northern Railway. In 1877, SA’s new railroad service sparked a huge influx of economic activity, setting San Antonio up as a commercial center of the South. Livestock, mohair, gristmills, foundries and machine shops brought flowing business and agriculture to our once war whittled city of culturally diverse misfits. I shouldn’t forget to mention the railroad’s influence set up the factory and transported the man who gave us Lone Star beer. Not only were commercial goods hauled in; the population increased by 17,000 in just 10 years— a huge amount for the time period. Those 17,000 emigrated ideas for the future development of our city. The 1880’s were a very prosperous time in our big, lagging city.

Install Yourself in San Antonio

I can see right through you. That’s probably what you’d say to one of Mark Jenkins tape sculptures, where humans are turned into packing-tape shells of what they once were, and then placed around the city. Take a look at the process:

We thought we’d give it a try, and made our own tape person and put him in a San Antonio park. The results? Cars stopped to take pictures, intrigued passers-by asked questions about its construction, many thought it was strange, and the kids at the park could get enough.

Shakespeare in the Park is Tonight!


Hamlet is basically a sixteenth century soap opera: The king dies, Hamlets mom marries Hamlet’s uncle, aka the king’s brother (weird) and Hamlet goes crazy and causes scene after scene of drama-tude. Alas, poor Yorick! You get it. Watch the madness unfold as the Magik Theatre presents what will be yet another amazing year of Shakespeare in the Park. Director Beth Lopes takes the audience through a timeless story of love, lust, death, mortality, and family, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, err, lawn chair. Bring blankets, chairs, and be prepared for a night of infinite jest under the stars. We look forward to this event every year, so you know we’ll be there tonight.

MOSAIC at Blue Star

Video by Walley Films.

Blue Star’s MOSAIC After School Program gives San Antonio high school students an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in the visual arts.

The MOSAIC studio experience exposes students to drawing, painting and other fundamental visual art techniques and it culminates in the creation of mosaic tile art.

MOSAIC is free to students and 100% of all fees go right back into the program, continuing the cycle of creativity. Pretty inspiring.

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