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Celeste DeLuna @ Market Square Mujeres Mercado, 9/19/14
Celeste DeLuna @ Market Square Mujeres Mercado, 9/19/14

Small Business Saturday is on November 29th this year. Why don’t you sooth your Thanksgiving food hangover by doing something awesome for your community on Saturday by shopping local?

Started by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday helps support and celebrate small businesses during the post-Thanksgiving shopping craze. Efforts have proven to be wildly successful and very helpful to small businesses nationwide. “In only five years, Small Business Saturday has taken on a life of its own and it’s been very exciting to see how small business owners and communities have come together to own the day and make it special,” explains Lisette Bernstein, Vice President of Small Business Saturday at American Express via

Keep SA Brewing

Freetail Brewing Co. at S. Presa St.
Freetail Brewing Co. at S. Presa St.

The time of craft beer is upon us, San Antonio. We’ve begun our dive into the brew craze, letting the sweet seductive flow of craft beer move over our city and seep into our favorite eateries and watering holes. Let’s not play, some of us are getting borderline craft beer snobby, while others are a bit behind– cue the embarrassment that takes over when one of our friends tries to order a Coors Light in a brew hotspot. Oh, the horror! Lucky for them, their craft less beer souls can be saved. Our local craft beer hero, Scott Metzger, Founder &  CEO of Freetail Brewing Co., can make them see the light. A native San Antonian with a mission to make SA town a craft beer destination. He’s been kicking ass and changing laws, as well as expanding our beer palettes to something much more appreciative to the amazing craft that is brewing.

Indy Coffee Co. Blends Coffee and Community

For Indy Coffee Co.’s Jake Scott, Alex Lee, Andrew Kim and Henry Shi their love of coffee extends beyond their business. To the company’s founding quartet, coffee provides an opportunity to create a community, which is their ultimate goal for the city they now call home.

Photo by Eddie Martinez
Left to Right: Alex Lee, Jake Scott. (Photo by Eddie Martinez)

For a while, Local Coffee has lead the coffee shop scene in San Antonio. The three San Antonio locations are always packed and the baristas know their regular patrons by name. Jake and Alex were early Local Coffee baristas, and through their experience there, they’ve recognize how badly San Antonio is yearning for more places for community gathering— specifically around good coffee.

Girls Inc. of San Antonio Turns 10!

Girls Inc. will be commemorating 10 years of being Strong, Smart, and Bold in San Antonio. The local non-profit is throwing a free birthday party at the historic Kiddie Park at 5:30pm on November 6th to celebrate.

The organization is a leader in our community for empowering young women. Girls Inc. provides programs and camps that aim to get local girls involved in STEM, reading and writing, and the arts. They also offer the members mentoring on topics such as healthy relationships and positive self-image. Ultimately, they provide the guidance to show that today’s young women don’t have to fit into any sort of stereotype of what a girl should be, instead giving them the tools and inspiration to be what they want to be.

03 - GISA 2013 FLL Teams

“At Girls Inc. what we try to do is be that resource for the girls, be that outpost for girls to understand that it’s okay to like this stuff. You can like this stuff and still be pretty and still like pink…you can be all of it,” says Sophia Gayou, Girls Inc. San Antonio Program Director.  “Part of our success has been in giving the girls that resource and being able to be that place to tell girls, it’s okay for you to be who you want to be.”

San Antonio’s Scary Spots

Tis the season of candy corn and pumpkin carving! Don’t disappear this Halloween, get out and celebrate this awesome holiday! Whether you’re looking to get your pants scared off, seeking some tasty treats, or simply want to shake your stuff in a super sexy costume, our list will get you on the right path. And, hey! Why stop on the 31st? Let’s keep the fun rolling with Dia de Los Muertos!

Healthy Restaurants Emerge in San Antonio

Are you one of the citizens responsible for San Antonio’s inclusion on Runner’s World’s list of Fittest U.S. cities? For long-time locals it’s probably pretty surprising that our beloved city has ended up on this particular list.

It’s no secret San Antonio often ends up on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to health. Just five years ago we were embarrassingly number three on Men’s Fitness’ list of fattest cities in America. But hey, it’s not our fault! Can you really blame a city that has access to drool-worthy dishes such as the coveted Macho Cheezy? Don’t dare deny us of our Big Red and Barbacoa.

New Technology Connects Parents to Tutors Effortlessly

I’m at Local Coffee to meet Alycia Curtis, Head of Marketing from Cue Tutor. As she steps out of her two-door, 1999, Honda Accord, I notice her hood is sporting a dent. “There are a lot of people that hang out outside in my apartment complex, apparently someone decided it would be cool to sit on my hood. Not cool.” Alycia has had the car since she was 16 and doesn’t think she needs a new ride. “A car is a thing. I’m about people, not things,” says Alycia. “It doesn’t really matter to me. I think She’s cute.”

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